Girls Development

Enjoyment, fun and the chance to progress

The Swindon Town Football in the Community Trust provides a significant programme in Girls Football in Swindon and its surrounding areas.

From playing for fun through to the Centre for Football Excellence the Trust offers Girls in the area the chance to improve on their football skills such as balance, awareness, co ordination and communication skills.

The program gives many of the girls their very first experience of participating within a professional football coaching session and in competitive matches.

Shane Hewlett, co-ordinator for our Girls Centre for Football Excellence, would in particular like to thank ‘TRAK Employment’ and ‘Verologik IT Solutions’ for their support on this valued programme. Both companies are essential on maintaining the standard and growth of this important project.

Carl McCulloch, Joint Managing Director of TRAK Employment has quoted the following;  “When TRAK Employment was presented with the opportunity to fully support the STFITC Girls Development Programme, we were absolutely delighted and jumped at the chance. Having been a supporter of the Community Trust for many years in one gesture or another, we have watched as all aspects of this programme have developed under the watchful eye of Jon, Clive and Shane and of course the rest of the team in the office. Knowing Shane Hewlett very well on a personal level, has meant I have been able to witness first-hand the passion, pride and determination that has gone in to making the Girls Programme such a success. Although it’s still growing, I think its safe to say it has been a success to date with new centres and age groups opening all the time. The culmination of all the hard work of course is the Gothia Cup in Sweden each year, and I am sure that in coming years, Shane and the team at STFITC will take a team all the way to the trophy.”

Verelogic Group is proud to be sponsors of Swindon Town Football in the Community (STFitC)Girls Development Programme.  As a Swindon based company we are passionate about supporting and embracingthis local community initiative.

Our decision to sponsorthe Girls Development Programme was born out of the great passion and enthusiasmcontinually demonstrated by the Trust for helping children and young people to achieve and grow through the sport.

We look forward seeing the STFitCgo from strength the strengthand wish them every success in the season ahead.We are pleased to be sponsoring:

  • The Girls Development League
  • Girls Centre for Football Excellence
  • Girls Festivals
  • Female Coach Development

This year Verelogic is celebrating 25 years in IT industry.  During that time we have built strong relationships with both local businesses and the community.

We understand the importance of getting IT services and IT Recruitment right, so that our customers can concentrate on their business.  Our team at Verelogic have a wealth of knowledge available for you to call upon and are able to deliver expertise to support your IT business needs in the following:

  • Software Consultancy and Design
  •  IT Recruitment
  • IT Development and Implementation
  • On-going support and maintenance of applications
  • IT Licencing

If you would like more information regarding IT Solutions please contact us at

To learn more about Verelogic IT Recruitment email

For more information on Girls Development please contact Shane Hewlett on 01793 617718 or

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