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Naftin was the number one prescribed product for fungal skin infections in the US. Our client needed to create renewed and revitalized interest in the Naftin brand prior to the launch of new double strength Naftin. The challenge was to define a new brand personality for this older product that could be amortized and developed into a revised campaign to support the launch the new Naftin 2% product. To differentiate Naftin from its competitors, we used patient lifestyle situations to convey the therapeutic benefits of Naftin. We also provided the physician with disease awareness information so they could educate patients about fungal infections and how to avoid them. IMS Health reported in June 2012 that Naftin was the number one topical antifungal brand among Dermatologist and Podiatrist in the U.S.

  • Brand Development
  • Digital Strategy and Design
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Packaging
Naftin Packaging
Naftin Marketing Collateral
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