What is Accountabilling?

AccountabillingTM is a simple billing system introduced in 1990 by Moroney & Gill, Inc. AccountabillingTM is an alternative to the retainer fee and hourly billing structure still used by agencies today.

With an hourly or retainer-type system of billing, when your agency makes a mistake, or doesn’t listen to direction, or their creative is not on target, your budget is affected and you pay more. When you are not happy with the deliverables, your agency is back on the clock.

With AccountabillingTM, we set a flat-fee for the work that you request.

The benefits are simple. You get a better agency because accountability is shifted to your ad agency. If we make a mistake, we pay. That is what makes us strive to be better. That is customer service... quick, reliable, proactive, and always on budget.

AccountabillingTM... it’s that simple.