Zambia Preview: Lights for Learning

With the Swindon Town Football in the Community Trust trip to Zambia just around the corner, over the coming weeks we’ll be previewing an insight into what the trip entails, whilst giving everyone involved with our Community Trust the chance to see what life is like in Zambia. Four of the team travelling to Zambia spent a day with Roger Mugridge, founder of lights for learning who trained the Community Trust staff to install the solar panel lighting. Roger has also generously donated the solar panel and lighting so that the Community Trust can enable a village school in Zambia to have lighting for the first time. This is an exciting addition to the trip to Zambia and the lighting will make a huge difference to the childrens education within this school. Jon Holloway – STFITC Community Trust Development Manager said, “We would like to sincerely thank Roger for his continued support of our Zambia project and once again this is a prime example of how partnership working can make such a difference to more peoples lives. Once returning from the trip we will look forward to delivering assemblies at local schools within Swindon explaining about our Zambia project and showcasing photos / videos of the work we were involved in.”

lights-for-learning-logoToday’s topic is: Lights for Learning

The Lights for Learning project and work in Africa began in Kenya in the year 2000 and within their annual holiday the team and volunteers soon became lost ZIMBABWE3038in the energy of the African continent. One young man in particular took their attention and they discovered that even though he was on a very low income, he was putting his two children through education as well as supporting his extended family at home. They decided to do their best to help him by sponsoring his children.

This was when the journey really kicked off for Lights for Learning and it was the start of their involvement in providing a fantastic service to African towns all over the continent. On their next couple of visits they were invited to meet the family in the village and to visit the school where the children were being educated.

Since the first installations in ‘friends’ homes they have continued to develop and have come on in leaps and bounds by developing a solar powered lighting system that can be fitted into schools throughout the developing world. There are so many schools in Africa alone that need this system, however due to their budget they can only work on as many projects as it will allow, so they desperately need help with funding this important, essential work that helps so many adults and children.

All of the STFiTC and NPower team attending the Zambia Trip are looking forward to continuing the Lights for Learning legacy in Africa, and for more information on the project and their tireless work towards a brighter future in Africa you can contact their team on 01793 750844.

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